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Aug 06

SLC Family Night!

by Marissa Vele On August 1st the Sustainability Leadership Cohort (SLC) got to show off all of their hard work from this summer at a community STEM Family Night. The event was well attended from the community. Guests were introduced to the SLC program and were fed delicious food before they had the opportunity to …

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Jul 18

SLC Week in Review: Bridge-Building and Water Teachings

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 By Deidre Caldwell Today the SLC students had fun with our Stem Collaborator Jennifer Morris.  We went over to the CMN Campus Commons where the students were able to explore different STEM activities.  The Stem activities were:   1. Engineering Connection – The Students were given cards with different kinds of …

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Jul 15

Where It All Began: SLC trip to Marinette

  Posoh! On July 8th, the SLC students had the opportunity to travel up to the mouth of the bay where the Menominee People originally started in Marinette, Wisconsin for the No Back 40 Mine project. We stopped at seven known locations of garden beds, caches (storage of food for winter), burial mounds, dug up …

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Jul 10

SLC Update: Dishbags and VR

July 1, 2019 by Tonia Haack Today in SLC the students were introduced to Native American dish bags, Dolly Potts explained to the student the background of the dish bags, and the students then got to make their own dish bags. Some of the students never even used a sewing machine before and got to …

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Jul 02

SLC Week 3: Galactic Escape, Cultural Conversations and Time in the Lab

Teamwork and Galactic Escape! by Marissa Vele On Wednesday, June 26th the SLC students had a fun eventful day.  The day started with some awesome ice breaker warm ups outside. The students had fun while building their leadership and teamwork skills.  Then the students met with Jennifer Morris for some interesting activities connecting the STEM …

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Jun 27

SLC Knowledge-Sharing: Week 2

  This week in SLC the students had a chance to make smudge sticks with Dolly Potts, she talked about the four sacred smudging herbs (sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco) These medicines are the anchor of the medicine wheel, and we use them for smudging rituals and cleansing. The Four Sacred Plants  Nāēqnemāw (tobacco)  Nãēgnemāw …

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Jun 26

Sharing the Wisdom: SLC Meets With Cultural Elder

On Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 the Sustainability Leadership Cohort had the privilege of meeting with the Cohort’s Cultural Elder/Advisor Dolly Potts.  Dolly Potts brought her wisdom of the Seven Grandfather Teachings to the SLC students. The Seven Grandfather teachings that Dolly shared with the students were:  Wisdom (Nepuakan) – To cherish knowledge is to know …

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Jun 25

Sustainability Leadership Cohort: Back in Session

Week 1 Last Thursday wrapped up the first week of the 2019 Sustainability Leadership Cohort (SLC). The SLC currently has 20 young leaders who are excited to learn and grow over the summer. Each student was placed into teams and has a mentor to help guide them throughout the program. By the end of the …

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Aug 03

Positive Youth Development in Indian Country

Written by: Marissa Vele On Saturday, July 22, fellow SLC Mentor, Dolly Potts, and I attended the Positive Youth Development in Indian Country Workshop in Green Bay. This workshop was put on by Susan and Dan Ninham. The purpose of this workshop was to encourage and develop programs and strategies that reduce risks and strengthen …

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Aug 03

An SLC Summer

Written by Marissa Vele, SDI Intern The SLC has been in full swing and we are nearing the end of our summer program. July 16th kicked off a two-day Agricultural Workshop that was sponsored by SDI. All SLC students and SDI summer interns were invited to the workshop.  On our first day we learned about …

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