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SDI Greenhouse

How a Greenhouse Works


The SDI Greenhouse is primarily used to start seedlings in the early months of the year.  This means that vegetables with a long growing season, such as tomatoes and peppers, can start growing in the greenhouse weeks before the ground outside is warm enough.  The greenhouse can also be used to extend the growing season into the fall.  Plants in the garden that have not finished fruiting by the time that it starts to get cold can be dug up and transplanted into pots which can then be moved to the greenhouse.


How it works:

The clear panel construction of the greenhouse allows light energy to enter the greenhouse and then become trapped inside. This trapping of energy keeps the air inside the greenhouse at a warmer temperature than the outside air even when outside temperatures start to drop.  A supplemental heat source, such as a pellet stove or electric heater, can be added to extend the greenhouse growing season further into the winter months.

Growing Season Comparison


This greenhouse is so effective at capturing sun energy that it is equipped with some features that allow the greenhouse to cool off when it gets too hot. The three sets of vents on the roof of the greenhouse open automatically via gas expansion when greenhouse begins to get too hot.  The greenhouse is also equipped with a solar power ventilation fan which moves cooler outside air into the greenhouse.

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