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If you or your organization are interested in working with the Sustainable Development Institute, or you would like more information please contact:

Chris Caldwell, Director
Sustainable Development Institute
Phone: 715-799-6226 ext. 3145

Cynthia Norton
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 715-799-6226 ext. 3041

Rebecca Edler
Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: 715-799-6226 ext. 3043

Cherie Thunder
Sustainability Education Coordinator
Phone: 715-799-6226 ext.3243

Gregory Gauthier
AmeriCorps TCU VISTA
Phone: (715)799-6226 ext. 3268

Scott Kalafatis
NSF Postdoctoral Researcher


Mailing Address:

College of Menominee Nation
Sustainable Development Insititute
PO Box 1179
Keshena, WI 54135

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