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As one of the primary research outlets of the College of Menominee Nation, the Sustainable Development Institute research agenda is heavily informed by the needs of the college and its surrounding community. SDI works closely with CMN faculty and experts in sustainability fields to develop this agenda and re-convenes them every five years to ensure that SDI’s research goals remain salient to the communities we serve.

The Menominee Theoretical Model of Sustainability is the SDI’s main investigative tool, utilizing the many intersectional skillsets, perspectives and ways of knowing necessary to envisioning a sustainable future.


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  What is Phenology? Phenology is the science of the synchronization or timing of various natural events both in the plant and animal world as they correspond either to the various seasons or certain times of the year. Plants and animals respond to environmental cues such as temperature changes, amount of sunlight or day length or …

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Sustainable Agriculture

Food sovereignty is one of the key concerns that dominate conversations in tribal communities.

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