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SDI Interns are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with the community to the extent that they feel comfortable sharing. These writings show their evolving expertise as well as their exciting experiences. Click on the photo below to read about some of our students’ experiences.

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Adam's Corn(er) Video Series

Video updates from SDI Agricultural Research Assistant Adam Schulz, recorded over the course of Summer 2019. These informational videos are meant to keep the community up to date on the corn’s progress, as well as to provide some context for research activities.

Visualizing Forest Futures (ViFF) Vlogs

Visualizing Forest Futures is an ongoing collaboration between SDI and Pennsylvania State University. This project uses virtual reality technology to help visualize the forest in a climate-changed world.

Season 2 of the ViFF Vlogs can be found on our Youtube page: Click here for the Year 2 ViFF blogs

Through Tribal Eyes: Change on the Menominee Reservation

This video is College of Menominee Nation’s submission to the “Where Words Touch the Earth” video project funded by NASA and AIHEC. College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute Student Interns wrote, directed, and produced this video over the course of the Summer of 2010.

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