About Experiential Learning

Students of CMN who provide services that will give them experience in their field of study. These short-term professional experience emphasizing interactive learning that is focused on student
education. It incorporates education and professional development, and is designed to enhance
the learning experience and expose students to various career fields and qualified disciplines. There is no expectation that interns are paid.

Student Worker

Student worker means having a full or part-time job on-campus where they are attend classes. A student worker usually carries at least 6 credit hours per semester.


A person volunteering time and services without any present or future expectation of payment of any kind. The volunteer is under no obligation to provide time or resources other than what they choose to freely provide. This could include but not limited to, AmeriCorps Vista, community member volunteer.

Other Types of Experience

Non-employee workers retained through another agency or institution to fill a work need at CMN. This could include but not limited to, agency temp, JTP, GAP worker.


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