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Interns and Student Workers

College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute

Spring 2018

Jasmine Neosh

Jasmine Neosh, will be our NSF Tribal Climate Relations Research Intern this fall. She is an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation raised in Keshena and Shawano who is a Natural Resources major at CMN. Before returning home, she lived in Chicago where she worked and took classes at Loyola University Chicago and Columbia College. Jasmine is also a published fiction author and plays the banjo.

At SDI, Jasmine is supporting research about the work that Tribes are doing throughout the US to address climate change and their engagements with federal scientists supporting this planning. To do so, Jasmine is working with Scott Kalafatis, SDI’s postdoctoral researcher, to review documents describing these efforts and is preparing to interview people who have been identified as experts about collaboration best practices. Her contributions will serve SDI’s multi-year, National Science Foundation-funded project working with researchers at Michigan State University to understand how to make the work that Tribes undertake with federal scientists to prepare for climate change as effective, ethical, and supportive of Tribal communities’ interests as possible.

Marissa Vele

Posoh, my name is Marissa Vele and I am the Sustainability Leadership Cohort Education Mentor for the 2018 program year. I live in Wittenberg with my husband-Curtis, daughter-Leikyn, and my dog named Aries. I hold an Associate’s Degree in Business Management from NTC. Currently, I am working towards my Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood/Middle Education and I am in my third semester at CMN.

My plan is to teach within the area and give back to my community. In the meantime, I work as a special education paraprofessional at the Shawano Middle School. I enjoy working with a variety of different students and helping them succeed. I look forward to this internship because I can gain more experience working with students and gain more knowledge about SDI and what they do. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to the many experiences that I will have.

Dolly Potts

Dolly Potts is an enrolled Prairie Band Potawatomi from Kansas. She has lived on the Menominee Reservation for eleven years. She is currently attending College of Menominee Nation working toward a Liberal Studies Degree in Humanities. Dolly’s internship position is Agricultural Research Assistant with Rebecca Edler, Sustainability Coordinator.

This is her second internship with SDI; the first was in the fall 2016 as a Sustainability Planner. This time around, she will be assisting with the planting of corn using traditional soil amendments.

One of her greatest interests in SDI is incorporating traditional native input into the sustainability and diversity aspect of planning. She hopes that these teachings become a part of Sustainable Development for the future.

Adam Schulz

Adam Schulz is a first line descendant of the Stockbridge-Munsee band of Mohican Indians. He lives on his tribal reservation in Bowler with his three daughters and wife. Adam has been pursuing his degree at College of Menominee Nation for the last five semesters. He is currently finishing the last semester of his associate’s degree in Natural Resources.

Adam will then pursue his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. His career objective is to work in a natural resources capacity as a manager for either the Stockbridge-Munsee, or another tribal government.

This spring and summer, he will be  doing a second internship with SDI. His mentor while he works as an Agricultural Research Assistant is Rebecca Edler. He has attended many seminars held by both the College and the Sustainable Development Institute. Adam looks forward to this opportunity to add valuable traditional knowledge to his learning journey.

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