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Aug 19

Adam’s Corn(er): Episode 4

In this video, Adam gives us an update on the progress of the corn and gives us an overall idea of what you’d have to do to maintain a research garden.

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Jul 19

Adam’s Corn(er) Episode 3: Fun with Fish Fertilizer!

  This week, Adam applies fish emulsion to the research garden. Why would he do that? Find out on this special two-part episode of Adam’s Corn(er)!     Part two can be found here: Part 2

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Jul 03

Adam’s Corn(er) Episode 2: Soil Testing

This week, Adam and colleague Brandon head out into the garden to get soil readings.

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Jun 21

Adam’s Corn(er): Bear Island Flint Corn update

  Agricultural Research Assistant Adam Schulz takes us on an introductory tour of the garden for year 3 of the Bear Island Flint Corn research.

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Aug 03

Researching Bear Island Flint Corn at SDI

Koolamalsi, My name is Adam Schulz and I am a student and Agriculture Research Intern at the College of Menominee Nation’s (CMN) Sustainable Development Institute (SDI). Today I am going to share a synapse of the research project that my partner, Dolly Potts, and I have been working on since last year. Our research project …

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