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Jul 10

SLC Update: Dishbags and VR

July 1, 2019 by Tonia Haack Today in SLC the students were introduced to Native American dish bags, Dolly Potts explained to the student the background of the dish bags, and the students then got to make their own dish bags. Some of the students never even used a sewing machine before and got to …

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Jun 27

SLC Knowledge-Sharing: Week 2

  This week in SLC the students had a chance to make smudge sticks with Dolly Potts, she talked about the four sacred smudging herbs (sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco) These medicines are the anchor of the medicine wheel, and we use them for smudging rituals and cleansing. The Four Sacred Plants  Nāēqnemāw (tobacco)  Nãēgnemāw …

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