July 1, 2019

by Tonia Haack

Today in SLC the students were introduced to Native American dish bags, Dolly Potts explained to the student the background of the dish bags, and the students then got to make their own dish bags. Some of the students never even used a sewing machine before and got to experience sewing their own bag with the help of Dolly. From what we’ve seen the students enjoyed the lesson.


by Curtis Wilhelmi

The multimedia sessions this week were split into two days on July 2nd and July 3rd. Every group should now be at a point where they have a theme and a clear direction with their videos, the sessions are now workdays where the students can film and edit their footage and collaborate as well. I brought out the two Oculus Go VR headsets that we own and left them out for students to play around with, they were able to take a break from work and look at the App the ViFF team created last summer which I think a couple students really enjoyed. My hope is that the groups can continue to develop their ideas and produce some good footage and material as the following weeks play out.