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Jul 16

Back to the Lab: ViFF Season 2, Ep 4

In this shortened week, the interns did some lab work. The team was split up and took on individual projects in CMN’s Mac Lab. Evelynn and Amy compiled a list of 50 identified plants from the 360 locations and their uses. Matthew listened back to the audio of last week’s interview and transcribed what everyone …

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Jul 01

Out in the Field: ViFF Season 2, Vlog 3

  This week the interns interviewed some experts. They started off the week talking with Jeff Gringon about what plants were growing on the Zoar site so that they could better identify them in person and in the app. They also interviewed a USDA Forest Service Silviculturist, John Lampereur, about the effects the tornado had …

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Jun 27

Into the Storm: Visualizing Forest Futures Week 2

Hello, and welcome back to ViFF Blogs. This week, the interns finalized what they would be focusing on for the project: wind damage. They will be looking at how the 2007 tornado affected the Menominee forest by comparing disturbed and non-disturbed areas. With that, the interns finally listened to their parents and spent some time …

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Jun 18

Visualizing Forest Futures Season 2

For Season 1 of the ViFF Vlogs, check out our Youtube playlist: here Hello and welcome to season 2 of the ViFF Vlogs. This time, you’ll see that we went to the pawn shop, hocked our V and bought a B, and are now called the ViFF Blogs. We figured we would change up our …

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