Hello, and welcome back to ViFF Blogs. This week, the interns finalized what they would be focusing on for the project: wind damage. They will be looking at how the 2007 tornado affected the Menominee forest by comparing disturbed and non-disturbed areas. With that, the interns finally listened to their parents and spent some time outside looking for locations to film. They travelled west of Zoar to a site just off of highway 47, and looked at the plants for any invasive species and discovered potential places to film. They then traveled to the northern border of the reservation to find a location in the larger section of the tornado’s path, and came across a rebuilt campsite that was destroyed during the tornado. After finding these locations, the interns returned to SDI to think on their findings and determine which location would be best to film.

The interns also spent some time sharpening their phenology skills by learning how to identify plants. They spent a morning on CMN’s phenology trail looking at plants and trees, and determining what they were using the online resources they found last week. However, since this was some interns’ first time identifying plants, it was quite difficult and required more practice. The next day, the interns drove back to the first tornado location to find new plants to identify and receive a bit more practice. This exercise has taught us to appreciate the hard work that goes into identifying plants and to instead rely on the professionals.

Lastly, in an effort to prepare for our eventual presentations, Amy, our mentor, has elected to have weekly “mini-presentations” to build up our confidence for the end of the summer. Hopefully these will allow us to sharpen our public speaking skills and help us to build an awesome presentation for the end of the year!

That’s it for this week, we hope that you will check back in with us next week for another installment of ViFF Blogs. Thanks for reading!