Teamwork and Galactic Escape!

by Marissa Vele

On Wednesday, June 26th the SLC students had a fun eventful day.  The day started with some awesome ice breaker warm ups outside. The students had fun while building their leadership and teamwork skills.  Then the students met with Jennifer Morris for some interesting activities connecting the STEM areas with culture and language. These activities got them discovering some of their values on sustainability and then the students lightly debated on their findings.  The students also went outside and used their inner naturalist scientist skills to draw their awareness of their surroundings. The students rounded up their day at the library and participated in galactic escape mission. The students worked together and combined their teamwork and knowledge to figure out clues and escape their given mission.

Cultural Conversations at Menīkānaehkem

by Deidre Caldwell

On Thursday, the SLC ventured back out to Menīkānaehkem for the day. We started our morning off in a good way by smudging and doing a talking circle. All SLC students, mentors, and some Menīkānaehkem organizers did an ice breaker activity were we went around the circle one by one and introduced ourselves while doing a dance move. The next person had to do all the dance moves from the person before, plus their own. This was truly a test of our memory and dance abilities. The activity got everyone laughing and we all had a good time together. Many of us interns even learned a few new moves!  Cherie Thunder then led a discussion about water. Those in the circle discussed what they know about water and why they feel it is important. Afterwards, Kristen Welch spoke to us more about sweat and berry lodges and why it is so important for our youth to get involved in things around our community. Menīkānaehkem was another perfect end to our busy week. If you haven’t been out to Menīkānaehkem I encourage you to stop out and experience what they have to offer.

Time in the Lab

By Curtis Wilhelmi

On June 25th the SLC students had their second multimedia session in the mac lab. My goal
during this session was to have the students work in their groups right away and to brainstorm
with each other. I could tell from the first session that some students were not as enthused about
the project as I had anticipated, so I was hoping the socializing aspect of group-work would get
the students more interested. I informed the students that all I was looking for at the end of the
session was an idea for their movie and sent the groups off with cameras. Almost every single
group approached me and pitched an idea for their movie, this was something that surprised and
pleased me as I was expecting to have to step in and help every group find their topic before the
day ended. One group struggled to find a topic but after some discussion about what they might
find interesting and fun they were able to settle on something that every group member was
comfortable with. Every other group had ideas about interviews, locations, and the content that
they wanted in their video, one group even conducted an interview and recorded the audio to use
in their project. Before the session ended I reiterated to every group that the goal for next week
was to think about things they may need for the videos and to bring them and plan and be ready
to film for next week.