Week 1

Last Thursday wrapped up the first week of the 2019 Sustainability Leadership Cohort (SLC). The SLC currently has 20 young leaders who are excited to learn and grow over the summer. Each student was placed into teams and has a mentor to help guide them throughout the program. By the end of the summer, the SLC’s goal is to produce some multimedia projects and STEM activities that will be infused with Menominee culture and language. All of us involved are excited for the various activities and projects that we will be participating in!


Hope, belonging, meaning, and purpose were the words that resonated with those who went to Menīkānaehkem on Thursday with the SLC students. The SLC group learned more about Menīkānaehkem and what they are doing for the community. We learned more about teaching lodges and the importance of stories. Menīkānaehkem kept the SLC very busy. Students worked on making a clearing for a new youth sweat lodge, learned how to screen and block print, and were able to participate in a water ceremony. This was very fitting, as our theme for the SLC this summer is nepēw, or water. Going to Menīkānaehkem was a wonderful end to our busy first week. The SLC was reminded that they are important and that their stories, language, and culture should not be forgotten and that it is something worth saving and fighting for. These students are the future leaders of our community and we must support them and give them the tools and knowledge to succeed.