Wednesday, July 10, 2019

By Deidre Caldwell

Today the SLC students had fun with our Stem Collaborator Jennifer Morris.  We went over to the CMN Campus Commons where the students were able to explore different STEM activities.  The Stem activities were:


  • 1. Engineering Connection – The Students were given cards with different kinds of engineers and different kinds of engineered products.  The students then matched the product cards to the corresponding engineers.
  • 2. Arches – The students built a straight bridge and an arched bridge. The students tested each bridge by seeing which bridge held the most erasers.
  • 3. Learning From Failure – The students designed boats out of tinfoil.  Then the students tested their boats by seeing how many pennies the boats could hold.  Raymond’s boat won with holding 89 pennies!
  • 4. Domino Diving Board – The students built a ledge out of dominos to see how big and far the ledge could get.  
  • 5. Measure Your Bubble – Students blew bubbles and then measured and compared the buggles.  Catishe created the largest bubble with a diameter of 12 inches.
  • 6. Boxing Beans – The students created square, rectangle, triangle packages out of paper and competed to see how many beans could be held in each.  
  • 7. Inspired by Nature – The students were given human produced item cards and nature produced item cards.  Then they grouped the cards by their similarities.  
  • 8. Let’s Communicate – The students were grouped into two.  Then they sat down across from each other with boxes in front of them with legos inside.  Each person had the same amount and kind of legos. One person built something and then verbally described what they built to their partner.  Their partner tried to build the other persons structure with the verbal directions. The partner was also not able to ask questions.  


The students had a lot of fun exploring the STEM fair and participated in all of the activities.  Some of the favorites were the Let’s Communicate Station, the Measure Your Bubble station and the Learning From Failure station.  This STEM fair was a perfect example for the cohort to experience what they will be doing for their final projects at the end of the program.  

Thursday, July 11, 2019

By Marissa Vele

Today we started off our day by going to Mawaw-ceseniyah to work on our water canteen gourds with Ben Grignon. For this project, the SLC students are painting or carving their gourds and then cleaning the insides out. The next step is coating them with beeswax and adding a carrying strap. Once all those steps are completed, the canteens should be ready for use! Our afternoon consisted of taking a tour of a wellhouse, water tower, and water reservoir in Shawano with Patrick Bergner, the Water Foreman for the city’s Department of Public Works. On our tour the SLC learned the role of each place and why it is important for the city. Did you know that Shawano uses 1.2 million gallons of water per day? This was an interesting end to another busy week with the SLC and it solidified the fact that water is important for all and we must protect it as best we can. After all, nepew pemateset, water is life!