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The deadline for the SDI internship program as well as the high school Sustainability Leadership Cohort (SLC) has been extended until February 16, 2018 by 4 p.m.


Check out the internship and SLC opportunities below:

Undergraduate Internship

Download and print the CMN internship application form here.

You can also stop by student Services or Sustainable Development Institute to pick up an application and speak with our staff about the internships we have available. Application deadlines are posted in each position below. Click the link to read more about the internship.

Agricultural Research Specialist

Menominee Ag Practices Archaeology Intern

Sustainability Leadership Cohort Education Mentor


Complete the SLC application form here.


Menominee Agricultural Practices and Archaeology

Explore and participate in research of ancient Menominee cultural sites, such as early settlements and raised bed gardens. The Menominee were once great farmers/gardeners with the knowledge and experience that was required to sustain a people throughout even the harshest of times. That knowledge still remains and is waiting to be reclaimed. What will you do to help?

Indigenous Knowledge, Culture, Language and College and Career Prep

Now more than ever the world is looking to indigenous peoples to help solve some of the most pressing issues. Learn how traditional knowledges carried from generation to generation has the power to impact the world in a positive and transformative way. Explore leadership values, language and culture, and higher education to prepare yourself to help ensure the sustainability of our communities.