13458517_10208649581511031_1312670947634671175_oWritten by: High School SLC member Santana Caldwell

13585062_10208724698948920_2498175087491044059_oThe sustainability leadership cohort’s theme this year is renewable energy. We learned more about this during the native energy odyssey trip to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. At the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center we learned how solar panels and wind turbines could be used to power electricity and heating in houses. After this trip we all had a better understanding of clean and renewable energy and more ways it could be used.

Currently, we are working on a science fiction film about energy and mining. This is the first time the cohort is producing a fiction film. In past years our video projects have been more documentary style, so trying something very new to us. Overall, this summer has been very fun and interesting. We have all been working very hard on the production of the movie.

The movie incorporates energy and discusses the importance of preserving the water and the negative impacts a mine would have on the environment. The filming of the movie is nearly done 13884597_10209961542658405_724541403_nand the next step will be editing. When the editing stage is complete we will invite our families and communities to share the film and speak about the mine that is currently being considered in Michigan.

Making this movie has been such a great experience and we are all very excited for everyone to see it. The movie will premiere on Monday, August 15, in the Cultural Learning Center at College of Menominee Nation at 6 p.m. We all hope to see everyone there!