Prof. Dr. Manfred Schoelch will be arriving at CMN in early April, 2015. He will be in the United States for about four months during his sabbatical from the Weihenstephan University of Applied Science in Freising, Germany. Prof. Dr. Schoelch is a distinguished professor and accomplished author in the fields of silviculture and forestry science. He will be working with MTE, the USDA Forest Service and the Sustainable Development Institute’s Center For First Americans Forestlands on a specific project related to forest canopy gaps. Canopy gaps are a forest management technique that is used to regenerate a number of tree species such as Oak and Butternut.
When he’s not teaching or conducting research, Prof. Dr. Schoelch enjoys spending time with his two children, sailing, hunting, fly fishing, and traveling. He has a strong interest in exploring cultural relationships and learning how others define and pursue the topic of sustainability, especially through cultural philosophy and lifestyle. His interest in sustainability includes the role of forests, and he is aware of the history and reputation the Menominee people have in managing their forest resource.
Prof. Dr. Schoelch will be using an office on the CMN campus during his stay. We hope he will be able to attend several classes as a guest speaker and SDI/CFAF will coordinate a “Meet and Greet” function on the CMN campus as an opportunity to interact with Manfred prior to the end of the current Spring semester. Please keep an eye out for these announcements and help us welcome Manfred to the College of Menominee Nation.