Apr 28

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Former SDI Intern Headed to DC for Summer Internship

My name is Chelsey LaTender and last summer I was a POSOH intern at the Sustainable Development Institute at the College of Menominee Nation. I am very excited and honored to be selected as an intern for the Tribal College and University program internship. I will be focusing on science education out in Washington DC from May 26-July 31, 2015. Thanks to Cherie Thunder for recommending this opportunity.


More information about the Tribal College and University Program internship:
The ten-week internship experience, which will take place
May 26 – July 31, 2015, will include a pre-internship, four-day, orientation and professional development session; a nine-week research-focused assignment with a mentor/advisor; and a post-internship reflection session. The Program provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to interact with individuals involved in policymaking positions; increase their awareness and knowledge of issues that prevent minority communities from receiving a quality education and/or quality healthcare; conduct research to become familiar with programs and strategies being implemented to address these issues; and become aware of policies and legislation that have an impact on STEM education as well as access to healthcare.

For further information click here >>>QEM Internship Program

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