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Center for First Americans Forestlands

USDA Forest Service and the College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute collaborate to promote sustainable forestry on public and private forests, sustainable utilization best practices, and sustainable rural development on native timberlands. In the fall of 2003, we signed a memorandum of understanding that sets us on the road to establishing a sustainable forestry research, education and extension center, called the Center for First Americans Forestlands.

suntreeMission: To synthesize the best practices of forest ecology, utilization and American Indian expertise and apply this knowledge to sustainable forestry practices and sustainable development.

Goal: To promote sustainable forestry management practices through research, education, policy analysis, and technical assistance.

What CFAF Does: The Center for First Americans Forestlands synthesizes the best practices of forest ecology, utilization, and Native American expertise and applies this knowledge to sustainable forestry practices and sustainable development.

Stakeholders: The Center works with various stakeholders interested in sustianable forestry including but not limited to:

  • American Indian Tribal Governments and Communities
  • American Indian Forest and Land Managers
  • American Indian allottees of forested lands
  • Communities of interest in forest management, products, harvest, and utilization
  • Tribal Colleges and Universities and other educational institutions

Projects: The Center works with its stakeholders using an integrated approach to develop sustainable forestry projects that benefit them and sustain the forest. Projects develop around all aspects of sustainable forestry management including:

  • Forest products utilization
  • Technical advances to improve forest production while enhancing forest health and condition
  • Value-added wood products and refinements in related manufacturing processes
  • Improved utilization of mixed species
  • Economic potential of non-timber forest products
  • Materials science study of ethno-botanical applications and wood species attributes
  • Forest products marketing and utilization
  • Forest management and forest ecology
  • Educational program design and development

The Center for First Americans Forestlands is currently working with stakeholders to develop sustainable forestry projects. If you or your organization could benefit from CFAF’s sustainable forestry and development expertise, please contact us.


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