posohlogoAbout POSOH

POSOH is a partnership between UW Madison researchers, The College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) and educators in Northern Wisconsin. This partnership and project is funded by a $4.7 million grant from the US Department of Agriculture. The multicultural education model of POSOH will embrace learning both traditional (from Native American collaborators) and scientific ways of understanding sustainability. The goal is to ignite interest and broaden understanding in sustainability through science, technology, engineering and mathematics. POSOH’s Mission is to:

Develop strategies for preparing all learners—including typically underserved youth from non-mainstream cultures—to pursue bioenergy- and sustainability-related studies and careers, while exploring the contributions of traditional and scientific ways of knowing to our understanding of ecosystems and sustainability.

 As POSOH, its relationships and activities mature, the multicultural education models that emerges will be disseminated nationally via presentations, publications and online forums.

POSOH website here.