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2013 Water Resources Summit – GLRWP Final Review

2012 Shifting Seasons: Great Lakes Forest, Industry, Products and Resources Summit – For information, click here.

2011 Shifting Seasons: Great Lakes Tribal Climate Change Summit Report – Report

2011 Shifting Seasons: Great Lakes Tribal Climate Change Summit Report  – Appendices










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Menominee Nation News (August 2013): MNNArticle-ResearchinNYState

Northeast Climate Science Center Website (August 2013): CMN Hosts Forest and Climate Leaders Research Retreat

Menominee Nation News (May 2013): Men Nation News 5.6.13 Mining Earth Day

Tribal College Journal (Spring 2013): Students Experience Sustainable Development

Tribal College Journal (Feb 2013): CMN Faculty Travel to Belize

Tribal College Journal (Fall 2012): CMN Participates in Recyclemania

Tribal College Journal (Spring 2012): CMN Uses Technology to Restore Language


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