Planet Forward is reaching out to students at College of Menominee Nation to contribute to their blog and participate in digital storytelling competitions. Planet Forward engages young people and innovators in search of solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. Through storytelling, media and convening, they empower new voices and elevate compelling ideas.

The project was formed in 2009 by Emmy Award-winning journalist Frank Sesno to promote innovative ideas to address food, water, energy and environmental challenges confronting our planet. Produced by the Center for Innovative Media at The George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs, Planet Forward uses Web, video, social media, television and events to empower new voices and lead a global conversation on the planet’s future.

CMN student, Joseph Waukechon, attended the 2017 Planet Forward Summit in Washington, D.C. with Sustainability Coordinator, Rebecca Edler. Read the story here.

The Annual Storyfest Awards are announced each spring and recognize students’ work on subjects such as:

  • Food: How can we feed the planet, grow better food, stop wasting so much of it?
  • Water: How should we use it, conserve it, clean it, get it to places that don’t have enough of it?
  • Energy: What are new ways to generate it, make it cleaner, use it more efficiently?
  • Mobility: What’s a better way to get around, reduce congestion, minimize the impact on the environment and the climate?
  • The built environment: To build for the future, what are new materials, technologies or design that will make better homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities?
  • Biodiversity: How do we preserve and foster our vital ecosystems?

The Grand Prize for the Storyfest 2017 was a trip to the Brazilian Rainforest! There is no doubt that the next prize will be just as exciting!

For more information about how you can become involved email Cherie Thunder at or go straight to the source, Hannah Dale, Program Coordinator at