We are now entering week four of RecycleMania. With 1,008 pounds of recycling and 738 pounds of waste after the first three weeks, we are collecting more recycling items than waste. This is great news for the college as we work to reduce our GHG emissions. Totals for each week are listed below.

          Week 1: 319 lbs recyclables, 290 lbs waste
          Week 2: 273 lbs recyclables, 322 lbs waste
          Week 3: 416 lbs recyclables, 126 lbs waste


Located on campus are several water bottles fill stations. We challenge everyone to use the stations instead of buying bottled water. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it generates a disposable plastic product. If you are able, bring a reusable aluminum water bottle when you are on campus, traveling or at work. As always, help the RecycleMania volunteers do their part by using the proper waste and recyclable receptacles located on campus.