During week one of RecycleMania the College of Menominee Nation campus produced 319 pounds of recycled materials and 290 pounds of waste.

These recycled and waste materials are collected by maintenance from campus buildings as normal and left outside the garbage bins next to the water tower. SDI took on the first week of weighing the garbage at the end of each day. Dr. Vickers’s Sustainable Development class will also be taking the lead on a week during this eight week competition.

SDI supplies the items needed for recording the data each day. The process is simple; weigh yourself on the scale provided, pick up as much as you can hold and step on the scale once again, and then subtract your weight from the total number. The remaining weight will be the amount of recyclables or waste to record on the table provided. This process may need to be repeated three to four times until all of the material is weighed.

There is still an opportunity for your class, department, or student organization to become involved and learn more about RecycleMania.

Contact Rebecca Edler by email: redler@menominee.edu or phone: (715)799-6226 ext:3043.