14444742_10209451785445628_1863441523191366231_oWritten by: Dolly Potts, POSOH Sustainability Planner Intern

I have attended the first four sessions of the seminar series. The speakers as well as the information shared were very interesting. The topics are of interest to me because they contain up-to-date information. Learned professionals in their respective fields give the presentations each week.

All of the topics covered so far contain sustainable and diverse lessons for the indigenous and non-indigenous community alike. Along with capturing your attention, the presenters are open to all questions from the audience. The sessions are very comfortable and relaxed, and the presenters use language that everyone can understand and relate to.

There are still plenty of seminars to attend this fall. All sessions are held on Mondays from 12-3 p.m. in the S. Verna Fowler Academic Library/ Menominee Public Library upstairs classroom. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet diverse individuals from around the world and share indigenous knowledge with others.