Dr. Dennis Vickers, CMN English Faculty chose to bring his class outside of the classroom and over to the Sustainable Development Institute.11948051_10207517202351425_265062077_n

We encourage you to ‘teach outside the box’ this fall! Students are constantly hearing from their teachers, ‘think outside the box’. Now it’s your turn to be an active example of how to think creatively when finding a solution to a problem. How can we expect students, especially new or experienced learners to stay engaged throughout the semester?

Explore diverse teaching methods! Wander outside of  the square room that the students see day after day.

The learning path or Kaehkeh-mihekaehsaeh is the walking trail adjacent to campus and is available for observation, learning, and classroom activities! Take your students out and let them explore unique areas on campus such as, the Turtle garden and the greenhouse located behind SDI, or the climate change monitoring at the east end of campus. The climate change monitoring plot provides a learning area for students to explore forest ecology, learn ecology data collection techniques, practice tree census, and learn about ecological knowledge related to phenology.

Please feel free to venture over to SDI any time! We are happy to show you around!
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