Jul 28

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Sharing Knowledge: SDI Student Workers Present Forest Research

On July 8 Ken La Tender and Brenda Miller (SDI summer student workers) attended an Intro to

Sustainable Development class being taught by Chad Waukechon, to present an overview of a project

they’ve been involved with this summer. The presentation focused on their work related to the

installation of a one hectare training plot on the East side of the CMN campus, and two-one hectare

long-term research plots located in the Northern part of the Menominee forest. The first layer of

data being gathered as a baseline on these plots is a tree census using an advanced inventory protocol

developed by Dr. Richard Condit of the Smithsonian Institute. SDI will be hosting a two-day workshop

at the Menominee Resort Casino on Aug. 5/6. Ken and Brenda will be among a number of students,

graduate students, and staff from CMN and SUNY ESF that will present information on a variety of forest

ecology projects. We encourage anyone with an interest to attend.

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