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High School Sustainability Leadership Cohort


The Sustainability Leadership Cohort Program (SLC) is led by the College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute (SDI). This program is designed to support young people in our area to build leadership skills, promote higher education, and ultimately, to foster the next generation of community leaders. 

The goal of the SLC Program is to ignite interest and broaden understanding of sustainability through science-, technology-, engineering- and mathematics-related experiences. The Program is committed to respecting cultural values and encouraging holistic thinking. SLC will provide students the tools and skills to be innovative leaders and positive change agents for people and our planet. The SLC will provide a hands-on, non-lecture style environment that allows students to discover, question, explore, communicate, and Science/Math/Technology-related fields in an unconventional manner that promotes critical thinking and leadership skills. Activities include field trips, self-directed action research projects, hands-on science immersion experiences, and more.

The SLC Program serves as a stepping stone for students to discover Science/Math/ Technology-related careers and interact with people and professionals of all ages who walk this path. SLC participation will empower students so they may one day serve as leaders and positively influence their classmates, schools, and communities.


Yearly program schedule is outlined below:

Early March- Students are selected and notified

Mid March- Student orientation

April-May- Field trip, 2-3 group meetings held

Introduction to summer community project

June- Begin summer project

June-July- Complete project, attend digital media workshop,

Produce video about community project

Fall- Youth Speak Event

Students will present their video projects to the community.


For more information, please contact SDI Sustainability Education Coordinator Cherie Thunder at 715-799-6226 ext. 3243 or


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