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Past Interns

Many students begin internships with little to no understanding of sustainability. However, students find that through their experience with the Sustainable Development Institute, they incorporate sustainable aspects into career choices, whether they are majoring in Natural Resources, Education, Nursing, or other fields. Here is a list of some of SDI’s past interns and what projects they implemented with our department:

College of Menominee Nation Sustainable Development Institute

Past Interns


JayCeeJayCee Tourtillott

Posoh, I have been a student at the College of Menominee Nation since I was a sophomore in high school. The extra credits I earned allowed me to not only graduate a year early, but I was also able to fulfill my goal of enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2008. I was discharged in 2013 and since then I have been back in school furthering my knowledge in the elementary and early childhood education field, I plan on someday being a Menominee language teacher. I am currently a sustainability planner intern for the Sustainable Development Institute, where I will be learning more about the Place-based Opportunities for Sustainable Outcomes and High hopes project. Furthermore, I am excited to develop a better understanding, gain some very useful knowledge, and learn the skills needed to utilize and teach sustainable education strategies.


13458679_1281802621860663_1538438321129583103_oKasey Paiser

Kasey Paiser is a descendant of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. She is currently a POSOH intern for the Sustainable Development Institute as a mentor for the Sustainability Leadership Cohort. Kasey is a student of the College of Menominee Nation working towards her degree in Early Childhood Education. She plans to graduate in Spring 2017. Kasey loves to work with all age groups and is excited to work with the high school students this summer.




eric danceEric Levi Nacotee

Eric Levi Nacotee, an enrolled descendant of the Menominee Nation, is currently the SCRIM Climate Change Researcher at the Sustainable Development institute of the College of Menominee Nation. This is Eric’s third internship since starting his goal to obtain a degree in Natural Resource. Eric is set to graduate in the fall of 2016 and then transfer to UW-Stevens Point to obtain his bachelor degree. After that he plans to return to the Menominee Reservation to either work in forestry or wildlife. Eric has been a part of some projects including helping putting together the Northeast Indigenous climate resilience network web page.  He was also a part of helping put together the community turtle garden. Eric is very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work and learn at SDI an hopes the great things happening here continue on.


DeniseDenise Kasprzak

Hi my name is Denise Kasprzak. I am a student here at the College of Menominee Nation and am in my third year. I started out with doing a business administration, liberal arts, and now I found my passion for natural resources, which seems to be working for me. I have had a Sustainable Development, and environmental class which opened my view in this particular career. I have done a work study program with the Sustainable Development Institute which put more incentive towards this degree I am seeking now. I have done a photography workshop, pollination workshop, and had the opportunity to join “Learning from the Land workshop. I now have the pleasure of working in the seeds program as an intern, and as a lead person with a gentleman whom I find very interesting and quite knowledgeable in the field of the forest here on this reservation.  He knows a lot of the plants and trees, which are something that I want also to learn and study.  Our environment means a lot to us people here on this reservation. I want to help keep it alive and healthy for future generations as well as this generation now in its growth, to help keep it strong, healthy, and full of life that we all can live off and live with.

I am a Menominee Tribal Member. I was born here and resided here for the first five years of my life. Relocated to Wheeling IL., and returned to WI in 1998. Made my way back to this reservation in 2000 and reside in Keshena with my husband and youngest son. I have one son who resided in Albuquerque, NM with his wife and two wonderful grandchildren. I have four siblings who reside in the western part of the United States, and one brother who lives close to home but always on the road due to his career.

This is my home, and want to keep it safe and well preserved for now and future generations to come.


20160630_135638Adam Schulz







Not Pictured                              

Brandon Boyd

Ciara Powless

Enos Anton


Chelsey LaTender

I am a junior at the College of Menominee Nation. I am double majoring in Biological and Physical Sciences and Pre-environmental engineering and technology. I will graduate in the fall of 2016. I plan to transfer to University of Wisconsin Madison to study bio-medical engineering. In the spring and summer of 2014 I was a POSOH intern and this semester I was fortunate enough to be a student worker with POSOH and also helping with the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. I am very excited to be working at SDI this semester.


citralina picCitralina Haruo, Agriculture Researcher Intern

My name is Citralina Haruo. I am in my first semester of school here at CMN Green Bay. I am working toward a double major in Nursing and Sustainable Development. All my classes are currently on the Green Bay campus. I am also an Agriculture Researcher Intern at the Sustainable Development Institute on the Keshena CMN Campus. Currently there are two big projects that I am assisting in. One is the SDI Starter Plants project and the other is the CMN Gardens. The Agriculture Researcher internship is allowing me to become familiar with the linguistics collaborations and efforts of Climate Scientist and Tribal peoples across the nation (especially the Menominee Nation). I am also learning a lot about cultivating organic gardens and preserving the seeds of produce grown in order to become self sustaining. My ultimate goal is to work in the sustainability field; in specific observing, and researching the affects of climate change on agriculture and what affects those changes have the health of people globally. I would like to work specifically with indigenous people around the world and so my internship is half a foot in the door.


Nathan MartinNathan Martin, NECSC Climate Change Researcher

Shekoli and Posoh! Nathan Martin is a Menominee and Oneida and considers those lands his home. Today he resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lives with his wife and is pursuing a MS in Sustainable Solutions a the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. He is very interested in studying what climate change will mean to our North American Indian cultures and hopes to contribute to the continued resiliency and prosperity of our tribes. He also hopes to learn more about the Menominee history and culture to better know his family history and himself.


Wendy DormanWendy Dorman, SCRim Climate Change Researcher

Wendy Dorman is a zoologist and ornithologist with an MS in biology from Winthrop University. She is currently working on a second MS in Geographic Information Science at Eastern Michigan University. During her internship Wendy hopes to learn how to utilize GIS technology to shed light on connections between climate change and population dynamics in native species. Her masters research focuses on the growth and distribution of the Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchid in relation to soil type and hydrology. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dog Atreyu, reading science fiction, and bird watching.


11218883_10204345497023063_2420989133509215461_nThomas Kenote, POSOH Intern

“Posoh! Aneq! Omaeqnomenew mesek Anishinaabe netawem. Kesiqwen ‘skew wekiyan. Netotem makana. Awaesahsaehsah newiswen.

Hello! My name is Thomas R. Kenote. I am Menominee Nation tribal member and I am also Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe. My family is the turtle clan. I am from Lamotte Lake on the Menominee reservation just outside of Keshena. I am a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; I am studying Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in multicultural education. I am one of the POSOH Sustainability Education Assistants at SDI for the summer of 2015. I am excited about this opportunity to actively engage in a different model of Sustainability Education but more importantly to contribute to the bioregionalism of the Wolf River watershed. I feel this internship is a great way for educators to gain perspective on a model of education that is crucial to the times ahead via climate change. I am looking forward to learning from the Sustainable Leadership Cohort of students as well as contributing to SDI’s model of Sustainability education. Nahaw eneq. Posoh!”


JasonEdlerJason Edler, POSOH Intern

Hello, my name is Jason Edler. I have always had a big piece of my heart reserved for the outdoors and will be going into my fourth year as a student and the University of Wisconsin Madison. I have declared as a biology major and hope to be able to attend some form of grad school in the near future. When taking Sustainable Development at the College of Menominee Nation after high school hours as a teenager, I realized I desired to work towards a more sustainable world. Last year I was fortunate enough to be thrown into the Forest Ecology Summer Institute where I then recognized that I would hope to attain an internship at the College of Menominee Nation. I am extremely excited to learn and see what this summer has in store for me. I appreciate this opportunity and am eager to further my educational experience as a POSOH intern.


20150616_135703Andrew Levsen, Ecological Data Intern

Hello, my name is Andrew Levsen and I am an Ecological Data Collection intern with SDI. I am currently a senior at UW Platteville with a major in Reclamation, Environment, and Conservation. I have been fascinated with ecology and involved in agriculture my entire life. My goal for this internship is to become familiar with the Menominee method of sustainability as well as to learn more about the interactions between plants in a natural and minimally disturbed landscape. My hope is that I will be able to apply this knowledge in my future to restore highly degraded land to a state that is as similar as possible to the natural appearance and function of the Menominee forest.


20150616_135540Anthony Sanapaw, Ecological Data Intern

Hi, my name is Anthony Sanapaw. I am 20 years old. I went to school at Gresham Communtiy School. I am currently a student at the College of Menominee Nation enrolled in the Natural Resources program. I am an ecological data collection intern this summer for the Sustainable Devoplment Institute. I love to be outdoors because I can go hunting, fishing, and camping. I pretty much like anything that deals with being outdoors. I am an enrolled member of the Menominee Nation but I am also a direct decendant of the Strockbridge Munsee Mohican Tribe.


20150616_135733Qwida-Ze Young, Ecological Data Intern

Hello, my name is Qwida-Ze Young. I am an enrolled member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi . I am a student at College of Menominee Nation in the sustainable residential building program. This summer I was accepted into the Sustainable Development Institute internship program as an Ecological Data Collection Intern. Things I enjoy outside of school are being outdoors, fishing, hanging with friends and family, hearing belly laughs, sharing stories, and sitting by a fire.


KeithKinepowayKeith Kinepoway, LTFL Intern

My name is Keith Kinepoway Jr. I am currently enrolled at the College of Menominee Nation pursuing a degree in Sustainable Development. Over the course of this summer I will be doing the Learning From The Land (LFTL) internship as a student worker I will be working with MTE learning about invasive species.


Samy Nelson, Agricultural Researcher Intern

My name is Samy Nelson, and I’m an Agricultural Researcher Intern at SDI. I attend the College of Menominee Nation where I am studying Computer Science. I take classes at the campus in
Green Bay, where I was born and raised. I also am working towards degrees in Business and Marketing. I am very happy with the college and with SDI, whom I’ve worked with on projects before. I have experience with gardening, marketing, crafting, and graphic design and I am able to use those skills in this internship which is really exciting for me. When I was younger I knew a lot and had learned a lot about sustainability and I kind of got away from that when I got older so I am excited to get back into it and start learning about it again.


LFTL internship bio pic..Brinana Levsen, LFTL Intern

Hello my name is Briana Levsen and I am a summer intern working with the “Learning from the Land” internship also known as LFTL. I am currently a junior at UW Platteville located in the southwest area of Wisconsin. I am majoring in both Zoology and Ecology and in the future plan on having a career doing research on wildlife animals in their natural environment. The LFTL internship will allow me to learn ways to do outside research without disturbing the land around. I am looking forward in gaining skills and knowledge that I can pass along to others and to use in my future career, goals and plans.

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